New Horizons

Congratulations to NASA for the first ever Pluto flyby!

I’m days late in saying this, but I was watching events unfold live via NASA TV. I’ve been anticipating this all year, and it’s awesome to finally see Pluto up-close. Great Job! I can’t wait to see more as more data slowly streams back from nearly 5 billion km away.


  • DSN Now! – see what spacecraft the Deep Space Network is communicating with in realtime. While streaming NASA TV, I was also watching this for a signal from New Horizons as it phoned home.
  • New Horizons Website – had counters telling us when the flyby happened, then when the phone-home signal was expected, and now has a “time since flyby” counter. Also news and images.
  • NASA TV – it’s not just interesting to watch when there’s a major mission going on.

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