3 million

Sometime in the next 24-48 hours:

(defunct image http://allprojectstats.com/s2652978m15a.png removed)

That means there’s a 99.49424% chance that I’ve used more CPU time to look for aliens than you.

7 thoughts on “3 million

    • It’s the Rank of all seti@home users:


      Lots of links on that page – click on my name and see far more info than you could ever want. ;)

      Position based on total credit : 6,547 out of 1,294,299
      More credits than % of all project users: 99.49424%

      My rank across all BOINC projects / users is 27,744 out of 2,408,544

      I like this one (SETI only, not all BOINC):
      Position in country: 193 out of 29,359

      …but you’ll get that when:
      SETI@home member since: 16 Nov 1999

      • Here’s something else which will give you a slightly more meaningful number (FLOPS):

        (in case it’s too small: 2.59 quintillion floating point operations)

          • Really worthwhile and pufwreol tool, this to me is the epitome of the power the internet represents. If you go into your settings, you can actually set the system up so that BIONIC is only running during periods when you are less likely to be using the full resources of your computer and/or network. I have mine set to run in the early hours of the morning whilst I am working on emails and social tasks but don’t need te full graphics editing power of my system and my colleagues aren’t yet in the office so we wont be hogging bandwidth. Please check out my article:

            • Several of the projects that use the BOINC clinet are very worthy causes. I definitely suggest people do this if they can. There is also a social aspect where for most projects you can have a team of friends be in a group to compete in the rankings for number of items completed. Definitely worth checking out, and you can do work on multiple projects, so don’t feel limited! (I use BOINC from years ago for Seti@Home, but also submit work units for other causes as well). Thanks for bringing that to our attention\!

    • This is the first I have heard of this project. What a great optprtunioy to offer support for scientific research! There is such a wide variety of studies that you can choose from also.I am going to look into if for my home computer and send it out as a suggestion to others. Thank you for sharing this, it’s great information.

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