The title says it all really.

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Let’s just look at some of the highlights, shall we?

The inquiry also said junior soldiers were often required by patrol commanders to shoot prisoners to get their first kill, in a practice known as “blooding”.

Translation: War crimes are a routine part of the culture.

The inquiry also found evidence some Australian troops in Afghanistan carried “throwdowns” — such as weapons, radios and grenades not issued by the ADF — which would be planted next to the bodies of Afghan civilians to suggest they were a “legitimate target” in any post-incident investigations.

Translation: he chance that there have bee war crimes stuff that won’t make it to a trial are roughly 100%

the report found patrol commanders were primarily responsible for covering up or sanctioning the culture that allowed the crimes to be committed, questions have also been raised about how much senior Defence figures knew.

Translation: “don’t stress boys, nobody important is going to jail, just a few scapegoats: the ones dumb enough to forget our training about not leaving evidence”

One of the reasons why the report is so heavily redacted:
“You don’t want to expose the public to too much gruesome information … so that the public aren’t traumatised and also to not enrage the public or potentially extremists or others who would have a go at Australia”

Translation: They’re just a few little deplorable sadistic warcrimes, involving the murder of children and such, no reason to upset the public about it. Wouldn’t want them protesting or calling for our murderer’s club to be disbanded or defunded.

But I think this might be my favourite piece of poetry ever:
Support link on the inquiry report is broken

“We don’t do support, just murder”.

The whole fucking thing should be disbanded, with no superannuation or payouts for anyone and all members put on watch lists because they’re fucking psychopaths, and all their hardware turned into lawn ornaments.

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