The NodeUtil Suite - Internode ADSL usage meters for Linux.

The NodeUtil Suite is a set of Tools designed to help you monitor your Internode ADSL Usage on your Linux-based system.
It contains:

Screenshot showing a small Gnome Panel applet, a large Awn applet with the details dialog showing, and a console report:
Screenshot of the NodeUtil Suite in action.
(Click for larger image)

The Latest version of the NodeUtil Suite is: 0.5

Download the NodeUtil Suite


Known Issues:

1. (medium-high - AWN Applet only) The AWN applet seems to crash randomly on right-click. The error message will be an X window system error. I have no idea what is causing this, since it seems to be completely random. I'd love to hear ideas on how I can debug this!

Luckily, awn catches the crash and shows a nice 'whoops' message, and you can simply click to restart the Internode applet.

2. (low - GNOME Applet only) The GNOME applet doesn't resize with the panel completely smoothly, and the icon is invisible for panels less than 24px in height. This is due to the gnomeapplet reporting it's size incorrectly, I haven't figured out how to get the proper size of the applet for resizing.

to report a problem, please email: nodeutil_support at antisol dot org.


v0.5 (05/jan/2013):
- awn applet version is no longer independant of NodeUtil Version
- details dialog is now kept on top (shows over top of gkrellm)
- better report about error condition where neither gnome.applet or gnomeapplet is available (these are now deprecated due to gtk3)
- fix bug by setting progressbar value to 1 when usage is >100%
- percentage label now sits above progressbar rather than next to it - gives a wider and more distinctive statusbar
- 'plan name' label gets word wrapping to avoid insanely wide dialog
- Interface niceties - padding, tooltips, text alignment, etc

- fix window size bug for users with long plan names, remove some crud from tarball

- rc1. see log on gitlab:

(Development version)

- make nodeutil's update happen asynchronously (in a thread)
- build awn-applet
- NodeDialog and descendants
- version checking


Sam Polenz's Original GNOME Meter