Download The NodeUtil Suite


The NodeUtil Suite is intended to be easy to install on all variants of linux.
The self-extracting install script is the easiest and best way to install.
To use the self-extracting installer, simply download it, mark it as executable, and run it.

On most linux machines, running the following commands (just copy-paste into your terminal) should install the NodeUtil Suite:
wget; chmod a+x; ./

Alternatively, you can download the tarball, extract it, and run 'sudo ./'.

After installing, the Internode applets will not be available until you restart the gnome panel and/or avant window navigator. Once they have been restarted, the Internode Usage Meter should show up in the applets list for the appropriate panel(s).

To restart gnome-panel and/or Awn, use commands like:
killall gnome-panel
killall avant-window-navigator && avant-window-navigator &
Once installed, There are a few things you can do with the NodeUtil Suite from the command-line...
to fetch usage info at the command-line:
type internode-usage-report -h for a list of options.

to run the gnome-applet in a window:
where <install_path> is where nodeutil was installed
(/usr/share/internode-applet or /usr/local/share/internode-applet)

Download the self-extracting install script
Download the tarball


The latest development version source is available on GitLab.


v0.5 (05/jan/2013):
- awn applet version is no longer independant of NodeUtil Version
- details dialog is now kept on top (shows over top of gkrellm)
- better report about error condition where neither gnome.applet or gnomeapplet is available (these are now deprecated due to gtk3)
- fix bug by setting progressbar value to 1 when usage is >100%
- percentage label now sits above progressbar rather than next to it - gives a wider and more distinctive statusbar
- 'plan name' label gets word wrapping to avoid insanely wide dialog
- Interface niceties - padding, tooltips, text alignment, etc

- fix window size bug for users with long plan names, remove some crud from tarball

- rc1. see log on gitlab:

(Development version)

- make nodeutil's update happen asynchronously (in a thread)
- build awn-applet
- NodeDialog and descendants
- version checking


Sam Polenz's Original GNOME Meter