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About WebAmp X


It really whips the gopher's ass!

By AntiSol, 2017. BSD 3-clause License.

WebAMP Requires a browser supporting the HTML5 Audio API and the canvas. You'll want to enable javascript, too.

Contact antisol at antisol dot org to send me money or praise. And, I suppose, to report any problems.

In case it's not massively, blatantly obvious, WebAMP is heavily inspired by Winamp v2, the seminal version of one of the greatest pieces of software ever written.

Most of the work on WebAMP was done in a couple of days around Winamp's 20th birthday (21 April 2017). Believe it or not, this was 100% coincidence.

Huge, epic thanks to Justin Frankel for Winamp - software which literally changed the course of my life, and a briliant example of tight, stable, flexible code - it really whipped the llama's ass.

Shame on AOL for buying and killing it.

The spirit of Winamp (and the ability to use winamp skins) lives on in several open-source audio players, notably XMMS (the original, now dead), and still-maintained derivatives Audacious and Qmmp.

A long time ago I extracted the default Winamp 2 skin to make a skin for any player capable of using Winamp skins. It can be downloaded here.

Justin was also responsible for a bunch of other awesome and influential software. I was a particular fan of NSIS - the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (I used it a lot back in my windows days), and Gnutella (which I never ever used, RIAA, promise!). Thanks so much.

Justin's website is Here