I've been noodling around with a new track: Hawt.


My Maniac Mansion remix is now available on remix64.com


Still Alive!
New Song Added: Hunt.


New Song Added: Indiference.


New Song Added: Tyranny.


New Song Added: Maniac.

This is my cover / remix of the theme to the classic Maniac Mansion.

So, Trent has released a new album, Ghosts I-IV. It's a double-album, no less. And Instrumental. And It's fucking great - I've had it on repeat for two days now.

Not to advertise, or to tell you what to do, because you'll ignore me and do what you want anyway (oh, and because nobody reads this shit), but don't torrent the fucking thing - Spend the $5 on the downloadable version. Come on, it's $5 - you won't even notice it's gone. And Trent's a genius, you're getting your $5 worth, I promise. You'd be paying $50 for this if he was still attached to a label. If the Label agreed to release it.

But my point isn't about advertising or ranting about how much more talented than me Trent is, and it's not about "supporting the artist" - I don't think Trent really needs your support, per se - he's got oodles of cash and squillions of adoring fanboys already. My point is about supporting the new model for Music distribution - the obsolescence of record companies and the embracing of the digital age. The more people who buy Trent's album for $5, the more other, more archaic artists will start to look at this as viable. And then we'll see the record companies fall. And we'll all be better off.

So, please, don't torrent it, spend the $5. Torrent my "music" instead, if you must... ;)

<Cartman voice>Seriously, you guys</Cartman>


I am the god of emo songwriting... Presenting: Epitome.


For about 10 years, I've had an Idea for an xmas carol.

Being the lazy sod I am, it's taken all this time to come up with anything resembling a song.

And so, in celebration of Grav-mass, I present you all with: Carol: Something resembling a song. and a candidate for a new xmas Carol.

29/11/2007:Oooh! Visitors!

So, I gave out the address for this. I've had visitors!

In honour of this momentous occasion, henceforth I will write as if I'm writing to an audience, just like all those other lame-ass website admins who have like 2 readers (one being their mum), but pretend like they're writing to a global audience of millions, and that the balance of society hangs on their every word.

which of course in my case it does...

Don't forget to sign my guestbook people! :)

21/11/2007: New Song Added: Demon.


YAR! Onlineliness!
Today, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the sputnik launch, This website finally comes online.

What's Here?

Not Much, Yet, but it'll grow.

At the moment, I only have a couple of songs to share with you.

My SETI@Home Stats