CameraLeash is a pygtk program which allows you to control your DSLR camera using the gphoto2 library. It is built for the OpenPandora and therefore optimised to run on small-screen devices with low resources.



CameraLeash has a bunch of nifty features:



The latest version of CameraLeash is 0.043. Download it.
Or, Download the PND for OpenPandora.
Or, Clone the git repo.

Version History

	Release Notes:

v0.04: RC2
	- Fix for actual cause of pandora preview bug
		(font file missing, duh).
	- Many fixes to build and auto-updater systems.
	- This should be pretty close to a release version,
		release likely to be 0.4x. Moar testing.
	- Minor fixes/tweaks for release on

v0.03 - v0.32: RC1
	- Workaround pandora preview bug (can't draw text)
	- Testing, work on build/update system.

v0.01-0.02: Initial pre-release development versions.

	- Basic camera control working (tested with Nikon D3200,
		should work with most cameras, looking for feedback
		on canon).
	- Automatic update and build/release system.