CameraLeash is a pygtk program which allows you to control your DSLR camera using the gphoto2 library. It is built for the OpenPandora and therefore optimised to run on small-screen devices with low resources.



CameraLeash has a bunch of nifty features:



The latest version of CameraLeash is 0.043. Download the release.
Or, get it from
Or, Download the PND for OpenPandora directly.
Or, Clone the git repo for the source.

Version History

	Release Notes:

v0.04: RC2
	- Fix for actual cause of pandora preview bug
		(font file missing, duh).
	- Many fixes to build and auto-updater systems.
	- This should be pretty close to a release version,
		release likely to be 0.4x. Moar testing.
	- Minor fixes/tweaks for release on

v0.03 - v0.32: RC1
	- Workaround pandora preview bug (can't draw text)
	- Testing, work on build/update system.

v0.01-0.02: Initial pre-release development versions.

	- Basic camera control working (tested with Nikon D3200,
		should work with most cameras, looking for feedback
		on canon).
	- Automatic update and build/release system.